Hello, It is Bysan, the creative name of Sandra Glez knows her by San.

Sandra was born in Ibiza with Canarian roots and an African soul. She lives between Tenerife and Dakar, spends long periods in the USA

Sandra Glez shot by Encarneviva

Executive producer,
Creative & Artistic Director

In Ibiza she made her first contact with production and event experience at Pacha Ibiza Club, later she moved to Tenerife to continue her studies. Her career on TV begins on the pioneering local television in Tenerife at a national level. In the year 2000 she was recruited from a production company to be in charge of producing the Antena 3 TV programs in the Canary Islands, the television sets were installed in the Cesar Manrique Maritime Park, a spot that she ends up directing to create the most important leisure area in the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife combining at the same time the productions of Antena 3, the concerts, the events, etc. in an installation with capacity for more than 8,000 people transferring the spirit of her Ibizan island to the parties.

In 2006 she decides to finish and begins to work on her most personal project, her own creative brand to create her productions; exhibitions, designs and events. With a multidisciplinary team around the world, she likes to explore all the possibilities in a visual and artistic way. She has worked around the world in cities like Miami, Madrid, Havana, Dakar, etc.

Clients, brands and entrepreneurs begin to arrive to produce proposals under the creative direction of Bysan, on many occasions Sandra Glez designs the proposals personally. Her greatest interest is to universalize the presence of clients without importing the channel or device with the art present in any of its disciplines.

She is interested in sharing the stories of her travels and her experiences with people, places and situations through the lens of her smartphone.

Out of this interest, she founded Movilfestawards 2010, the first festival in the world that sought talent through mobile devices, being a pioneer in democratising the use of mobile devices as an artistic tool without exclusion.

With editions in Miami, Tenerife, Panama, Budapest, Cuba, among other cities.

In 2013 they open an HQ in Budapest. The team works in the new format that evolves into Movist.org with the same mission to manage, inspire, promote, disseminate, protect and defend the artistic, cultural and historical/technological heritage created by and for mobile devices.

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